Sustainable Finance for Better Environmental Value

Solar power generation facilities
in Solaseado

KB Financial Group will expand ESG products, investments, and loans to KRW 50 trillion by 2030 to deliver environmental and social impacts, and take environment into consideration in providing financial services to have positive influence on society.

ESG products, investments,
and loans target by 2030

We established the goal to reach ₩50tn in ESG products, investments, and loans by 2030 and have continued to expand their range to accomplish sustainable finance. In 2020, the total scale of ESG products, investments, and loans stood at ₩22.95tn.

Expanding Financial Inclusion

We provide various financial services to small businesses and the financial vulnerable to promote shared growth and mutual prosperity.

  • technology

    KRW 8.3


  • Consulting provided through the SOHO Consulting Center of KB Kookmin Bank
    (As of end of 2019)



  • Investment in promising Startups through KB Innovation HUB Center
    (As of end of 2019, cumulative)

    KRW 52.3


  • Providing Access to Financial Services for Low Income Social Groups

    KRW 5,549.7


(As of end of 2020, cumulative)