1. Matters related to general meeting of shareholders
    1. Determination of the convocation of general meeting of shareholders and its agenda
    2. Approval of Financial Statementss and business reports
    3. Determination of dividend amount and its payment method

  2. Matters related to general management
    1. Matters related to the Group’s (including its business divisions) management objectives and evaluation
    2. Budgets which include the remuneration for directors and employees

  3. Management of subsidiary companies (amended on July 10, 2009)
    1. Establishment, acquisition, merger or sale of subsidiary companies; provided that this shall not apply to investments into subsidiaries whose amount is equivalent or below 1/100 of equity and that do not require approvalof financial supervisory bo dies under the Financial Holding Companies Act (amended on December 13, 2013)
    2. Request to fully-owned subsidiaries for correction, advice and submission of data related to management matters

  4. Matters related to material contracts
    1. Where a contract exceeds 1/100 of equity (or where a service contract exceeds 10 billion won)
    2. Where a capital contribution exceeds 1/100 of equity
    3. Where filing, dropping or responding to a lawsuit exceeds 1/100 of equity

  5. Matters related to organization and officers (amended on March 27, 2015)
    1. Establishment, amendment or termination of major regulations prescribed in the Articles of Incorporation (attachment), excluding, however, or correction of characters or phrases resulting from the revised lawsand/or other related internal or external regulations.
    2. Matters related to material changes to the organization, such as dissolution, business transfers and/or mergers
    3. Appointment of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman & CEO; provided that the Chairman & CEO shall be elected from among the directors recommended by the Chairman & CEO Nominating Committee pursuant to Article 7 of the Regulations of the Board of Directors
    4. Appointment and dismissal of members of Committees under the Board of Directors excluding the Audit Committee (amended on April 30, 2009)
    5. Determination of the remuneration and other compensation of directors delegated by the general meeting of shareholders

  6. Matters related to financing and capital stock
    1. Determination of issuance of stocks and bonds, including the issue price and conversion price
    2. Changing capital stock, capitalizing reserves and matters related to the issuance or retirement of stock

  7. Other matters
    1. Matters related to the approval of transactions between directors and the Company
    2. Granting and/or canceling stock options
    3. Appointment and dismissal of managing officers
    4. Acquisition of the Company’s treasury stock
    5. Setting annual donation limits and matters related to making donations exceeding 1 billion won per case
    6. Matters delegated from the general meeting of shareholders
    7. Matters which require a resolution of the Board of Directors under related laws and/or regulations
    8. Special matters submitted for consideration by the Management Committee or other Committees under the Board of Directors (amended on December 13, 2013)
    9. Other matters deemed necessary by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or Chairman & CEO (amended on December 13, 2013)
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