KB Foundation
is committed
to building
more prosperous

In May 2011, all subsidiaries of KB Financial Group got together to establish KB Foundation to bring more opportunities and prosperity for the underprivileged in our communities.

We have been providing financial education for people of all ages to help them develop financial knowledge and prudent financial habits. Our scholarship support for children of those who served and the underprivileged young people is helping them to get higher educaion. We are also driving job creation to address youth unemployment and help SMEs to find talents.


Financial Education

We offer various financial education programs to build financial knoweldge and prudent financial habits of people of all ages.

Financial Education by Our Facilitators

etc. upon request to deliver education session.


Financial Education for Parents and Children

Parents and children are invited to learn basic financial knowledge through game-based activities.


Financial Education Camp

Financial education camp for the underprivileged children and children from multicultural families


Online Financial Educatoin

Easy and fun financial education accessible via online




We are providing scholarships for children of those who served and the underprivileged young people

Scholarships for children of those who served

KB Scholarship for Children of Fire Fighters
KB Scholarship for Children of Police Officers
KB Scholarship for Children of Marine Police Officers

Scholarships for the underprivileged

KB Scholarship for Minor-aged Head of Family



Support for Job Creation

KB Foundation provides hiring subsidies to SMEs which hire people through KB Good Job, a job fair held by KB Kookmin Bank.

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